vs9841 发表于 2012-1-11 17:47:58

modo 501 sp6发布啦。。。

modo 501 sp6发布了,在sp5基础上,又解决了一些BUG。如下所示:
Added: Optional crash/session tracking info.

Fixed: Potential crash when importing some scenes as reference.

Fixed: Potential crash when navigating the camera in preview.

Improved: Performance when loading and rendering scenes with large numbers of items/replicators.

Fixed: Bug where fur would render incorrectly on replicators.

Fixed: Bug where fitting commands (i.e. shift-A) did not work properly with static meshes.

Fixed: Bug where dragging a mesh into the schematic view would no longer create a thumbnail.

Fixed: Bug where scenes imported by reference would lose their textures and materials.

Fixed: Potential crash on Mac with text field dismissal in popovers.

Fixed: Potential crash when changing viewports while capturing scene (recoil).

Fixed: Various bug fixes to resolve crashing and improve stability.
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